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The Air Out There 

Last week I attended a lovely class organised by Lululemon and Helen from Yoga Folk to fundraise for Edinburgh Community Yoga. I’ve written about the work that ECY do before here. I donate a monthly ‘cup of coffee’ to them. It’s a small amount but if 50 people did it each month it’d make a huge difference and help those who really need it. If you’d like to make a small (or large) donation then you can do so via their website.


The event started by meeting at Hunter Square and getting given candles to hold during our walk down to the venue. It was a really nice way to connect people and to share light. Quite a few went out on the walk down so we shared the flames at every traffic lights/junction stop so that people still had a lit candle.

When we arrived at the Roxy, where the main class was being held, the space was quite darkly light so the candles added a nice glow to the space. The class was a vinyasa flow class and started with a guided meditation. The meditation was in the theme of The Air Out There, which is Lululemon’s seasonal theme. It was a really nice connecting meditation about sharing breath and air with others. I personally would have liked another short meditation after the vinyasa practice to connect the beginning and end but it was still lovely.

The vinyasa class was was relatively relaxed and slow but still flowing enough that it felt like effort. It was quite a mixed class with some people doing full crow balances and others dropping down into child’s pose on a regular basis.


My hip wasn’t 100% happy with lots of vinyasas and warrior variations but it held up and wasn’t too bad afterwards. I really enjoyed being back in a large class as it’s something I’ve avoided for a couple of months. I think it’s mainly been due to fear of judgement about skipping poses and overdoing things as a result. I need to work on managing my ego in class and my expectations of classes. I will be back to a more regular vinyasa practice in January.


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Forrest Yoga with Jambo 

The first class in my weekend of four classes was a workshop with Jambo at Lululemon. Jambo is a very experienced Forrest Yoga and anatomy teacher. I love his style it’s very direct and it encourages you to try every move even if you don’t think you can manage it. I couldn’t make the workshop that he was teaching on Saturday that sounded great but I’m going to try to make it to the next one that he’s in Edinburgh for.

I was really surprised at how quite this class was, there were about 15 people in a space that can hold 40 but it meant we got to do more. I suppose Friday evening is a difficult time but it was a really nice class and free so I guess I thought people would make more of an effort to make it along.
The class started with an explanation of what Forrest Yoga was and then went into practice. One of the main differences between Forrest Yoga and my normal yoga is the emphasis on having active feet. It really makes a huge difference to the leg muscles and how deep you can get into poses.
The class ended with some partner work including a way of doing handstand walkovers using all wall that I’m going to try again. To cool down we did some nice partner stretches and it was a really nice start to the weekend.
Also Vita Coco gave out coconut water before class which was a nice touch. Lululemon in Edinburgh are really good at organising different classes and special workshops and every time I really enjoy them so I’m going to make more of an effort to make it along to them.

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Mindfulness Meditation

Edinburgh during August can be a bit hectic to say the least. The population of Edinburgh increases by about 100,000 people and some days it seems that they all are between me and where I want to get to.

To help counteract this and that there generally is so much going on in Edinburgh during August that life is just that little bit more hectic, Lululemon are holding daily yoga classes at 12 noon in their store called Nooner Yoga. I work just a bit too far away to be able to make classes during the week but it’d be nice to be able to have some chill out time during a lunch break and get away from the busyness of the centre of town. I’m going to try to make it along on a Saturday but this weekend is a little busy so maybe next week.

However on Thursday they had a Mindfulness Meditation class lead by Jennifer Cain from Rise Goddess. It was a relatively quiet class with maybe only 25 people there, the space can fit up to 40. Jennifer was very welcoming and had created a calm environment even though the store upstairs was still being closed and there was the noise of cashing up and putting clothes back in the correct place faintly in the background.

I’m generally not very good at meditation, in that my mind tends to not be good at being empty and not focusing on things. I also amn’t very good at staying still for more than a couple of minutes so meditation can be challenging for me. That’s why I’m trying to do more of it and I find led classes better than just trying to do it myself.

The meditation was about positivity and about achieving something that you wanted or that would change your life. I have a potentially huge change coming up in the next month or so and some major decisions to make around that so that’s what I focused on. It was quite calming to think about how I can be the other side of the turmoil that is going to be involved in it.

It was a very relaxed 40 minutes or so and the only thing that I would have changed was that I got a little cold towards the end so I should thought and put my wrap/scarf that I had in my bag over me before we started as I usually get cold when lying still.

If I can fit it into my schedule I’m going to try one of Jennifer’s classes soon. Jennifer and Dawn (from Rise of Dawn Yoga) are running a Rise Up Workshop in September that sounds like it’d be awesome and a really nice evening but it’s the same weekend as another acrobatics convention so I’ll be spending that evening upside down instead. I hope that they organise another one for later in the year.


Lululemon Showroom Closing Party

Lululemon’s Edinburgh Showroom has been a community of yoga practitioners and classes that I’ve enjoyed attending since January. Today is the last day that the Showroom is open and the bigger Edinburgh store opens soon.  

This morning one of the Educators (store assistants) Kate who also teaches yoga took the last class in the storeroom.  It was a really lovely class with mainly people who I ‘know’ from attending class on a regular basis there. I like the social aspect of these classes, I spent 15 minutes sitting on the steps outside chatting to a teacher about resourcing in schools while waiting for the doors to open. It sounds corny but they have created a community. 

At the end of class we were given a surprise and told that we could keep our yoga mats as it was the last class in the showroom. It was really lovely and generous of them but I now own three yoga mats so may now give away my other lightweight one. 

Lululemon are organising a massive yoga party on the 26th June in the museum to launch the new store. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing night but I’m already committed to going to a birthday dinner that night. 

They don’t yet have a confirmed date for the new store opening but I’m assuming it’ll be in a couple of weeks. The other thing that I found out is that the yoga classes are moving to a Sunday morning so I hope it’ll still be as much of a community feel and that as many of the regulars keep coming along. 

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Strength for Yoga

This weekend started with a slightly different class from usual. The Lululemon class on Saturday morning wasn’t the usual yoga class but a strength for yoga with Ash Boddy. He’s one of the Edinburgh ambassadors and a really interesting and enthusiastic teacher. His full bio can be found on his website here but in short, he’s an Australian who served in the Australian Defence force, surfs, clears landmines (yep really), teaches body conditioning and strength and generally a fun teacher.

The class started with a few round of sun salutation to warm up and a silly (and rubbish) game. The game involved a yoga strap and ‘walking’ out and back to planks holding one end of the belt, then the other end, then picking up the first end then the second end. And repeat as many times as you can as quickly as you can for 30 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest for 3 or 4 minutes (I can’t remember which). This was a really good conditioning exercise and good fun if not the best ‘game’ I’ve played in a class.

The rest of the class was focused on teaching us conditioning exercises that will help build strengthen ourselves and help in doing poses like chaturanga and push ups. I found these really helpful and they worked the shoulders and core. Ash really focused on making sure that your form was perfect and if you couldn’t do the exercise the number of times that the group were doing without losing form then to stop. I think it’s one of the problems sometimes in yoga classes that we do multiple sets of things even if our form isn’t that great and hope that it gets better. It was really good to focus on form.

There was an odd mix of people at class and more men than usual (which is not a bad thing). After class as usual there was tea and porridge and time to chat to people. I really enjoy the Saturday morning classes and I’m starting to get to know a few more of the regular people to chat to which is nice.

I also had a bit of a yah then meh after class as one of the assistants was wearing leggings that had been featured on the Lululemon Instagram page a few days before and been out of stock on the website. I said that I really liked them and she said they had them in stock. After class I had a look and checked but they didn’t have them in my size. I’ll need to keep an eye out as they are really nice and obviously I need more leggings…

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Lululemon Yoga with Teresa

Lululemon’s Edinburgh showroom is a really nice space and I’ve enjoyed all the classes that I’ve been to their but this week’s was great. It was a vinyasa class taught by Teresa Daviacchi. She’s an American teacher who’s in Edinburgh doing her PhD and teaching a few clases. She has a really friendly style and encouraged us to try new things. 

The class was a bit different for me, I think I’m used to a more Asatanga style of vinyasa class and this was very much changing things up and doing things in different orders. 

The other thing that made the class good was that the group attending this week seemed extra talkative and friendly. It was good to chat to people both before and after the class about yoga in Edinburgh and other classes and teachers. Also it helped that Lululemon gave us all an Easter treat of a chocolate bunny on each yoga mat. Most people resisted till after class but a couple ate them as a preclass snack. 


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Yoga’s Got Hot class at Lululemon

All Lululemon stores host regular free classes, usually yoga but sometimes other styles of class are taught. In the Edinburgh Store classes are at 10am on Saturday morning. I tried to go to another class at the beginning of January but it was full before I got there. 

This Saturday I made it up, dressed, had some breakfast and made it into the centre of town for 9.30. The doors didn’t open till 9.45 and there weren’t that many of us so there was plenty of space. For classes this early on a Saturday I prefer this method of first there, first mat rather than booking in advance, even though there is a chance that I get there and don’t get into class. 
This week the class was taught by Lynne from Yoga’s Got Hot and was a power yoga class. Lynne is super enthusiastic teacher and I enjoyed the class. We started off slowly, holding poses like up dog for longer than I’m used to (maybe 5 to 8 breaths) which was hard but good to try. We then picked up the pace and worked on building heat and tempo. It was a really nice flow that we worked on with Lynne changing things around so that you felt like you’d got an idea of what’s coming next then she’s switch things around. 
Lynne also encouraged us to try stretching ourselves and try deeper versions of poses. This included everyone having a try of crow pose. I just about balanced it once and then almost fell on my face but it was done in a supportive fun way so no one felt bad about falling over or trying something new. It was a good attitude to have and something that I should bring to my practice. 
After class finished we were fed porridge and tea by the Lululemon staff which was really nice and a good way to end class. 
I certainly will be back to try other classes at Lululemon as it was a really friendly environment and a nice space. 
Yoga’s Got Hot have a introductory deal of two weeks classes for £25, which is a bit more that the cost as 2 classes. I’m considering trying it in a few weeks time once I’m not going to be away or have other workshops booked.  
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