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My yoga journey

Weight loss Update 

So it’s been a month since I last posted about my weight loss journey. I’m doing this to be happy with my body rather than just hit a number.

However this past month has been challenging. I’ve not lost any weight. I know why this has happened, I have been stressed, busy and not swimming or exercising as much as I would like. I’ve still got 60 days to get back on tack. I’m not sure I can loose 10lb which would take me to the 120lb aim that I set in that time but maybe I’ll aim for 8lb or just under 1lb a week. 
I’m back on my meal prep and ensuring that I have lots of different options that are healthy and low calorie in the flat. I’ve got snacks and easy preparation food so when I’m stressed and getting home late I’m not tempted to get take away. 

I’ll post another update in two weeks when I hope to have made some progress. 

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Meal Prepping 

I’ve been told a few times by friends that they don’t have time to make things in advance. I don’t have time not to. 

The only real investment is buying all of the Tupperware which I have quite a bit of. 

This weekend I made quite a bit with not that much effort. On Saturday I went grocery shopping that took less than an hour. I ‘cheated’ and bought pre-cut stew vegetables. When I got home I got the slow cooker out and the vegetables, some sausages, chopped tomatoes and stock were added, a quick stir and ignored for 5 hours. Then four portions went in the freezer and one for lunch on Monday. Total time and effort for 5 meals, less than 30 minutes. 

Then on Sunday evening my meal prep proper. I made; 

– crustless quiche, tomatoes, hummus and carrot for two lunches

– tomatoes, hummus, carrot and olives for pre-yoga dinner tomorrow to be eaten with miso soup. 

– two lots of overnight oats with orange juice and frozen raspberries (these took 3 minutes, how does anyone not have time to make breakfast?) 

– fruit cut up and portioned for two snacks. 

– nuts into portions to go to work for snacks. 

Total time for the above 32 minutes from start to finish with a chopping board, one knife, two teaspoons and a 1/4 cup measuring cup to wash up. 

So in total less than 2 hours including shopping for 8 meals, 2 breakfasts and five snacks. Plus I have all the ingredients to make two portions of meatballs in tomatoe sauce with sweet potato ‘noodles’, and cucumber, feta and beetroot salad on Thursday night.

I cheat and quite often buy pre-made ingredients (especially quiche) or pre-chopped vegetables to make things easy. It means that I get things done and that I stick to it and don’t end up buying a packaged pasta salad at lunchtime which contains more additives etc. 

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