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My yoga journey

2017 Aims Q2 Update 

This year seems to be flying by. It doesn’t seem that long that I gave my end of March update.

Do at least one yoga class per week.

I’m still not there with this. I’m trying to be better but life is super busy and it’s being a challenge. I’m getting better at doing short practices in the morning even if it’s just 5 minutes.


Look into and book Yang Yoga Teacher Training – probably not starting until 2018 but at least sourcing a course that I want to do.

Nothing yet booked but a few options that I’m looking at. I’m hoping to have something booked by September.


Make the studio cost neutral.

It’s still making money and I’m happy with how things are going. I’m still working on class timings for after the summer but I think I’m going to go back to three classes a week but with different timings.


Teach 3 workshops.

I’m still working on planning for this. I’m confident in teaching hour classes and have started expanding these to longer 90 minute classes but I think of workshops as being at least two hours long. I’m hoping that within the next quarter I’ll try one but I’m certainly growing towards this.
Find out cause of Hip pain and path to solve it.

I’ve got the cause of the pain formally diagnosed. I’m still working on how to minimise it for as long as I can. I have been swimming lots more and it’s not causing me too much more pain. I’m also taking a lot of different supplements which seem to be helping.


Travel to two new cities.

I’ve not been anywhere new this year yet but I’m headed to Toronto and Niagara Falls in September.


New kitchen fitted.

That’s the kitchen done and it’s beautiful. I’m enjoying having everything back in it’s proper place and bring able to cook.


Already completed. 

Finish my 200 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

New Aims

I’m not 100% sure on what to add, I feel that I need to focus on adding yoga into my life on a more regular basis. I miss it and I know that I feel better when I do more classes. I need to find a way of making time for classes or get better at home practice.

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Walking meditation 

We spent yesterday afternoon at Wat Pho, the temple of the reclining Buddha. It’s a beautiful place for many reasons and much calmer than other tourist places that I’d been to over the past few day. 

At the reverse of the statue there is a lovely opportunity for a movement meditation in the middle of the chaos that is central Bangkok. 

There are 108 bowls along the wall and for a donation you get a small tub with 108 coins in it. 

I took a step between putting each coin in the bowl and focused on my breath, counting the number I had done, and ignoring the rest of the people around me. 

There were two young boys ahead of us who weren’t going that fast with the help of their mother and I wasn’t in a rush. I had to mange my ego and temper when a lady came behind me and then actually walked into me repeatedly to try to make me go faster. She then overtook me but it annoyed me. I managed to clear it from my mind and focus on the second half of the coins and bowls. 

I really enjoyed it and I haven’t done enough moving meditation recently. It’s something that I’ll be trying again. 

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