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Growing Social Media – Social Media Bolster

The final way that I have been working on growing my social media has been being part of a Social Media Bolster.

This is where you find a group of users who have similar accounts to you and you all comment or like or follow each others. I found a group on Facebook that I’m part of and it’s worked quite well. There are daily challenges both on Instagram and Facebook but I’ve mainly focused on Instagram.

The idea is that if 10 people take part then you comment on 9 posts and then get 9 comments back on your post. It works at boosting your engagements and also I’ve found that once you have a couple of comments then other people comment too.

It’s worked really well and also quite a few of the people who are part of the group now tend to comment and like posts even if it’s not part of the challenge and I do the same. It’s a great way to feel more engaged with people on Instagram and also to have a group of others to discuss options for increasing engagement with.

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Growing Social Media – Hashtags

Part three of my Social Media growth (sorry it’s been a few weeks but life has been a bit hectic).

The third thing that I’ve done is to use lots hashtags. Instagram will recognise up to 30 hashtags either in the post or in the first comment. I’ve found putting them in the first comment is a bit neater. Instagram also doesn’t really like if you use exactly the same tags in the same order for each post so I manually add them and put slightly different one for each post based on which I remember or which are most relevant for that post.

I like lots of posts with relevant hashtags. This can be either manually done or you can use a ‘bot’. Various bots break Instagram’s terms and conditions so I use one that only posts from your browser when you’re online from that computer. It’s called Everliker and is free for up to 700 likes per day. I personally find that that’s enough to keep my engagement high and my posts with about 100 likes.

I also do quite a bit on manual likes especially just after posting something to help raise the profile of it. I read that if you want to get into the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag they take into account the number of like in the first hour so I mainly post when I have 10 minutes to then spend liking, commenting and generally engaging with others on Instagram.


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Growing Social Media – Follow UnFollow

Part two of my social media growth plan was to increase my Instagram following. The way I did this was two fold and one I’m going to continue while the other I’m not. First we’ll cover the way I’m not going to continue going forward.

Follow then unfollow people.

If someone follows you on Instagram then if you’ve a small following you’ll generally look at there profile and if it interests you follow them back. The idea with this is that you then unfollow people a few days later so they don’t notice and your following to follower ratio improves.

There are various companies that either sell you software to do this automatically or will do so manually for you. Bots and allowing others access to your Instagram are against the terms and conditions so there is a chance that your account can be closed and you loose all the followers you’ve built up.


  • Bots and marking companies to do this are relatively inexpensive for the results they promise.
  • It works. This is why people do it.


  • It basically ruins your Instagram feed. You follow 200 people normally and they’re the ones that you want to see posts from. Then you follow 300 extra, so you miss the posts from the 200 that you care about.
  • Using bots is against Instagram terms and conditions so risky.
  • It’s annoying for those you follow and unfollow.
  • Instagram can put a freeze on your account if it’s being accessed from two locations at the same time.
  • Followers may not be genuine.

It works and that’s annoying but I get why people do this. I’ve done it for a month and it’s basically ruined my enjoyment of Instagram for that month. It’s not been easy to keep track of people that I actually want to follow and engage with.

It’s grown my following hugely and it’s been a great boost. I think I’d do it again but maybe on a month that I wasn’t wanting to use social media much.


Growing Social Media -Promoted Posts

Following on from my early post, the first way I’ve been growing my social media has been promoted posts.

I’ve primarily been doing this on Facebook as I’ve used other means for increasing my Instagram followers.

This is really easy to do, link your Facebook account to PayPal or another method of payment and then on the post click ‘boost post’. You then decide the audience, value that you’re happy to spend (£1 per day minimum) and how long it’s going to run for. I’ve done a bit of experimentation to find the best targeting for my adverts but it seems to now be working.


  • Very easy to set up.
  • Can be paused at any time if it’s not working on if you’ve filled the class that you’re promoting.
  • Increased general awareness of brand/yoga classes.
  • Great information on who saw and responded to the advert which helps you target better next time.


  • Can be expensive per result
  • Targeting can take a few tweaks to get correct.
  • Lots of ‘interested’ people in events but can be hard to convert to bookings.

In general I’ve found promoting events on Facebook successfully but not really had much luck with single posts.

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Growing Social Media

I’ve been quiet on this blog recently as I’ve been busy focusing on my yoga business and growing the social media for that. Instagram and Facebook are slightly odd things. As I’ve posted already, there are studios that won’t hire you if you don’t have a high enough Instagram following. I’m not doing it for that but to try to drive more people along to classes.

If I have a higher number of likes on Facebook, follows on Instagram and engagement on both then I rank higher on search results. I’m hoping that this will then translate into greater awareness of my classes and in turn better attendance. It seems to be working, August is usually a really quite month for classes but with a few promoted posts, I’ve got three new people signed up for blocks of classes and had several more come along as drop in.

This has been done in four different way each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Promoted posts
  2. Follow/Unfollow
  3. Liking hastags
  4. Collective Social Media Bolster

I’ll discuss each in it’s own post but in less than four weeks I’ve grown my Instagram following by 1000 followers (from a start of less than 200) and my Facebook page by 40.

For some this might not seem huge numbers but it’s made a change for me.