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Hooping fun 

For a change to my normal Friday night meeting friends for drinks or collapsing into the sofa after a long week at work, this week I headed to Sweaty Betty to got to a hula hoop class.


It was a one off class which was great fun. I used to do hoop classes quite a few years ago and loved it but it’s not something I’ve kept up.

We covered loads in an hour. We did spins, hand moves and hooping around knees and the chest. It was lovely to try things again and I’ll need to get my hoop out and practice things.


After class we had fizz and chatted to the Bobby brown girls about some new products that are designed for doing quick make up after a workout. Friday night classes should always end with fizz.

They were hoping to hold another class in October so I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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Sense of Community

One of the things that I’ve realised I’m finding challenging with Mysore classes is that it’s not that social by comparison to my regular classes. Because you can start at any time after 6.30am and you just need to allow time for finishing by 8.45am it doesn’t have the same opportunity to chat either before or after class as everyone arrives and finishes at different times.

Because of bus times so early in the morning I arrive after practice has started and as I’m currently still learning the sequence my practice only takes about an hour. This means that most of the others are still practicing when I’m finished. It means that some days I don’t really talk to anyone at practice other than getting corrections or instructions from the teacher. I think it might also be that I’m the new girl who doesn’t know how to do everything so I’m feeling a little isolated anyhow so the lack of opportunity to chat maybe makes me feel a bit more like everyone else knows each other and I’m the outsider.

The Sweaty Betty yoga class that I have been going to for most of this year and I ‘know’ about half of the people that are there most weeks I find a lot more social. We generally have a chat about other events that we’re training for and about how we found the class. It’s a really nice group of people and I think we’re quite welcoming to new people. Most of the conversation is superficial and about either new clothes that they’ve got in store, other classes or events that someone is going to or has been to, if we’re going to be their next week and such like but it’s a nice connection and sense of community.

The Sweaty Betty Get Fit For Free campaign starting in September is called Body by Simone and is very much more of a dance class than I’m used to. Because I know that a few of the other girls that I know will be going along to classes I’m going to at least try the first class. Plus you never know I might discover a hidden talent and love of aerobics.

Plus the promo video looks quite fun

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More Get your Om Back 

sorry for the lack of proper posts but being on holiday I’ve been busy doing fun things like sitting in the sunshine and visiting new places rather than writing posts. So here are some of my Get Your Om Back photos from the past week. I’m loving doing this challenge and taking photos in new places. It’s very much a practice not perfect challenge. 

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Almost Triathlon Time

Argghhhh! Is probably a fair summary of the rest of this post.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I have signed up to do the Sweaty Betty, Meadowlark, LifeCycle Urban Triathlon. It’s on Saturday, which is in less than 68 hours from now. I’m having a minor panic about it.

It starts with an hour of yoga, which I’m happy that I can do and will be ok with. Then there is a five mile run, which I would be much happier with if it was five kilometres but I’m going to go slowly and I’ve got up to 90 minutes to run it so I’m planning on walking at least part of the way. Finally there will be a spin cycle class, I’ve only ever done one spin class and my legs ached afterwards. It’s going to be a huge challenge to do all three parts and hence the panic.

I’m trying to rest for the next few days and not do my usual Thursday class and as it’s hopefully going to stay sunny I’m going to go play in the park with some friends instead. Also I’ve arranged to meet some of my family for brunch on Saturday morning before it starts as the event is over lunchtime so I need to have something big a couple of hours before it starts to keep me going. A stack of pancakes is suitable for carb-loading right?

Wish me luck and I’ll try to Instagram photos of my progress on Saturday.

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Get Your Om Back Instagram Challenge

As you may have guessed from my multiple posts about their clothes that I wear and classes that I attend, I’m a big fan of Sweaty Betty. I love there clothes, ethos and find the staff friendly and enthusiastic.

Every year they have two or three ‘Get Fit 4 Free‘ campaigns. The last one was in February and was called Fly Flex Flow. I actually won the campaign top as part of a facebook contest, I wrote about it here. The next campaign is a bit different in that it’s an instagram yoga challenge hosted by four different yoga teachers/bloggers. It’s called #GetYourOmBack

There is a different pose for each day which will be shown on instagram but they also have a cheat sheet and there will be daily prizes. There is a prize draw for a 5 day yoga retreat (and £350 to spend on Sweaty Betty clothes to wear at the retreat) that you can enter via the website.


I’ve taken part in a few of these type of challenges organised by Yoga for Candace but they were generally weekly check in’s with the aim of improving one particular pose over a month.

I’m going to be away on my yoga retreat for at least part of the challenge so I’m looking forward to trying to post each day or at least the 20 of the poses that I think I can do. They are doing a special class on the 12th July which sounds like it’d be really nice but I’ll be on a plane to the sunshine so can’t make it.

I got a leaflet about the challenge with my sale purchases which is super cute and will be added to my inspiration board. 


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Sweaty Betty Sale

Sometimes I am such a consumer and can’t resist buying things. The Sweaty Betty Sale is one of those times. It started this morning and I’ve already placed an order for a few things.

I ordered a sports bra, a pair of plain leggings and a matching vest top, as it’s always good to get basics in the sale at 50% off rather than paying full price for them. I’ve got leggings that I bought at the end of 2013 that I’ve worn at least weekly since then and they’re only just starting to show signs of wear. They last so well that I think it’s worth spending the little extra to buy it in the sale rather than getting other stuff that won’t last so well.

I also ordered the Nidra Yoga Capris pictured below.


I’m not sure about them as I usually wear fitted things for practice rather than loose trousers but I want to try them and for £24 (with my instructor discount) they are worth ordering and returning if I don’t like them.

I also think they’ll work as trousers on holiday to wear to the beach or around the hotel or over capris to and from yoga classes. I’m all about the layering.

I added a a microfiber towel to my order that’s the same size a yoga mat but doesn’t have the grip dots on like my current yoga mat towel does. I’m planning on taking this on holiday to use as a beach towel but it might also work for hot yoga classes.

Did I mention that I’m going on a yoga holiday in 17 days and am really looking forward to it?

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Finishing Fundamentals

I did the two online assessments last weekend and got 92% and 88% in them. So I’m finished this part of my Anti-Gravity Fundamentals 1 & 2 course. I’m still having a few issues with sorting out the venue to teach classes in so I’m not going to be able to start teaching just yet. The course has been really good and I feel that I have quite good knowledge to be able to teach classes. I think that a lot of friends and people that I know will enjoy the classes and learning the moves. It’s helped me with my core strength and particularly my arm strength.

I’m also feeling a little shallow but happy today. I sent a copy of my certificate to Sweaty Betty and I’m now very happy that I’m registered as part of their fitness professional programme. The main advantage of this is that I get 20% off their clothing including items in the sale. Considering the amount of Sweaty Betty clothing that I buy and wear (and that I recommend it to anyone that asks about yoga or fitness clothing) I think I might as well get rewarded for it. I’m hoping that the summer sale starts really soon as I want to get a couple of new tops for going away on holiday, plus I could do with another pair of leg warmers. Yes in Scotland in June I think of buying leg warmers. In the mean time I’ve ordered the Sea Breeze top, which they didn’t have in store in my size, which I love and I’m planning on wearing to run the Urban Triathlon in two weeks’ time!

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Back to class

I’ve not done much yoga over the past few weeks due to my aerial yoga instructor training and life in general being busy. On Monday I made it to the Sweaty Betty Vinyasa yoga class for the first time in about a month. It was really nice to chat to the girls who go on a regular basis that I’ve kind of got to know. One of the girls ran the London and Edinburgh marathon’s five weeks apart and is now getting ready for a Triathlon in August. I told her about the Meadowlark Triathlon at the beginning on July and she’s going to look into it and hopefully sign up. A couple of others were interested too so it’ll be good to have some failure faces there.

The class was taken by a different teacher, she didn’t introduce herself so I assume that she’s been covering for a few weeks. It was a slightly different style from normal but still vinyasa yoga, just not the ashatanga primary series that we usually practice. It was good to get back into a class rather than self practice or videos that I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. It reminded me that corrections are good even if they are group corrections rather than individual ones and that I like the social aspect of practice even if you don’t chat that much.

I’m booked in for next week and I’m making it a priority to get to a class at least once a week. I’m also going to try to make it to the Lululemon class on Saturday especially as it’s the last class in the current store before they open a bigger store in a couple of weeks.


Trees growing roots 

I really am enjoying noticing how I’m making progress in the various positions and sequences. At the Sweaty Betty class we do part of the Ashtanga primary series. It’s only an hour class so there isn’t time for the full primary led class. We do the same opening and closing sequence each week with a few changes to the middle section. I’m starting to feel that I know the poses and sequence of them and am able to focus more on the poses themselves rather than working out which pose we should be in and how long we’re holding it for. 

The past few weeks have been taught by Jenna from Meadowlark who is super sweet and lovely teacher. I really enjoy her friendly relaxed manner and she’s not afraid to be humble and share her experiences. This week she got stuck in a dharma wheel before class and was happily telling us about it and even let Meadowlark share the video of it, which can be found here and is hilarious. 

This week during the standing sequence in Tree pose I thought I’d try a deeper variation than I had done in the past and try the half lotus. It worked and I managed to hold my foot into the hip crease without too much difficulty and without feeling like I was going to fall over. 


I’m really enjoying the freedom to try different variations and that if they work great but if not then they’ll be there for another day. Also as one teacher said (I can’t remember which) if you don’t get it today it doesn’t mean you won’t get it tomorrow. I look forward to seeing how my practice develops in the next few months. 

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