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Journey to Wild Thing

On Monday there was the first of two special classes at Sweaty Betty with Karen from Meadowlark Yoga with the theme of Wild Thing. Karen has done a series of videos for Sweaty Betty’s instagram page of exercise to do to help build strength to be able to do Wild Thing correctly and with strength and not just flopping over into it.

The class was only announced a few days in advance and I don’t think many people knew about it, which would explain why only 6 of us were there and one was a friend who I told about it at lunchtime on Monday. As such it was really focused and we got lots of adjustments and adaptations for injuries and different body shapes etc.

The first part of the class was a more normal ashtanga class and we did the full standing sequence. I realised that I miss doing this and although I don’t think I’m quite ready to go back to trying to do Mysore classes every morning I need to find a led ashtanga class to fit into my schedule, which may be more of a challenge than I think it will be as it turns out I’ve got quite busy with yoga, acrobatics and other classes. Plus the minor thing of moving house in a month.

Anyhow back to the class, after doing the standing sequence we didn’t go onto the normal astanga seated postures and instead we worked on the exercises to build up to doing Wild Thing. We made it up to day four of the videos which is side plank with the arm extended and rolling to the other side.

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It’s Day 4 of our journey to #WildThing with Sweaty Betty ambassador @avidyogi from Edinburgh’s @meadowlarkyoga, who tells us that agility will help us with the direction changes required to progress into the Wild Thing posture. In this video, she demonstrates specific movements to help you get up and over without losing balance. To start, rise into high plank and bring your feet together, then work on rolling side to side over your toes as if your feet were joined in the middle. Once you’re comfortable with this, begin lifting the arms and holding for 2 breaths on each side. Aim for 10 repetitions either side, then rest and complete another 2 sets. #shareyourpractice #yoganatomist

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It’s a lot harder than it seems to keep both feet together and it makes you engage your core so much more.

The class then moved onto some hip stretches and half shoulder stands with toe exercises before savasana. It was a really nice class and I enjoyed trying the new exercises, which we were given as homework before the next class on the 26th October. I’m sure that more people will find out about the class and it won’t be quite so easy to be booked into.

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Get your Om back final day 

I’ve been taking part in the Sweaty Betty instagram challenge for July, which had the theme of Get Your Om Back 

It’s been a lovely challenge with a different pose each day. I’ve found that it’s helped my practice and helped me work out what I need to work on. There are poses that I don’t do often and that I’ve never taken a photo of, so I wasn’t sure what I needed to improve on in them. In general I need to work on flattening my back and not curving my spine so much when bending over.

It’s very much been a practice not perfect challenge and I like that I’ve had the freedom and confidence to post pictures of me in poses that I’m not fully there yet in. I’ve posted photos of me in a bra top and short, my pj’s, swimwear, yoga clothes and work clothes, so pretty much in whatever I happened to be wearing that day. I’m going to try to find another yoga photo challenge to do in August but as I’m not on holiday the pictures might be a little more dull with not such exciting backgrounds.

Below are the past week or so’s photos. The rest of my pictures can be found here and here.



Get your Om Back First Week

I thought I’d put together all of my Sweaty Betty Get Your Om Back photos from the first week into one post. 

It’s been good fun and I hope that I can keep taking interesting photos for the rest of the month. 


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Urban Triathlon

I did it! I finished yesterday’s Urban Triathlon and didn’t end up too tired. 

It was really fun and challenging but not as hard as I thought it would be.    
Edinburgh has been super warm the past week and I was worried about being too hot while running. 

  This was my outfits that I chose to wear for the yoga and then for the run and spin. 

When I woke up on Saturday morning, it was pouring with rain. It was due to stop by lunchtime and before the run but I was worried. 
  This is how I looked when leaving my flat. Two yoga mats (a friend who was doing it with me doesn’t have a mat), my kit bag and wrapped up in waterproofs. 

The yoga class was a nice vinyasa class and realatively easy for me. I enjoyed it and it was good to start with something that I was confident with. 

The next stage was a five mile run. It was through the edge of the city and then along the water of Leith. It was a bit challenging after the first three miles but I kept going slowly. I walked the last mile as I wanted to save my legs for the spin class. 


I had done one spin class ever about two years ago so was a bit worried about this stage. 

I managed ok but my legs were super tired and it was so warm that I was soaked in sweat after 10 minutes. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the music so I’m going to do another class when I haven’t just done yoga and ran. 


After we finished we got given coconut water, ice lollies and goody bags. It was nice to chill out with the others who had undergone the challenge together. 

Overall I enjoyed it and finishes not as tired as I thought I’d be. They are organising another one in October and I will defiantly do it. 

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Rolling over toes

You know how sometimes your yoga teacher or the video that your following tells you to do something and you kind of try it but don’t really get it and keep going anyhow as it seems so minor in comparison to working out what else your meant to be doing so you just ignore it? Well rolling over toes from chataranga to upward facing dog to downward facing dog has been that for me. I know the theory of it and that I haven’t been doing it right but for some reason I couldn’t get my feet to do the right thing.

Last night at the Sweaty Betty class however I managed to get my feet in the right place and was happily flipping over my toes. It just seemed easy. I’m not sure what I was doing differently and I’ll need to try again tonight to see if I manage to do it again. Anyhow yay for progress! Last night’s class was really good, we had no new people so Karen changed things and we tried some different poses from usual. I was nice to try new things and I enjoyed it.

The only bad thing is that the class is getting more popular and this morning when I tried to book at 8am I got waitlisted. Hopefully I should get a space before Monday but I might need to start booking as soon as I get up rather than during breakfast. Crazy but I can’t complain about not getting a space in a free class with a great teacher.

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What do you wear to class?

A friend joined me for a class this week and one of her questions before agreeing to come was ‘What do you wear to class?’

I guess my answer is simple, for me personally something from Sweaty Betty.


I own so much of their clothing that I can wear a new outfit to a class for five days in a row without having to do laundry. I generally wear a vest top with a long sleeve top over and leggings. They come in all sorts of colours and patterns depending on the season.

It’s a little expensive at full price (£60-85 for a pair of leggings, £25-50 for a vest top) but they have regular sales. I generally buy things in the sale and as part of their club you get an extra 10% off in the sale. They also have so much colour in the current collection. I love the yellow tops that they have in the current season but it doesn’t suit my skin tone at all.

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Sweaty Betty Fly Flex Flow 

In January and early February Sweaty Betty’s Get fit for free campaign was Fly Flex Flow. A mix of interval training, conditioning and yoga. The videos are still on the website and it’s a good workout. A couple of weeks ago they had a competition on their Facebook page to win the campaign top. Much to my surprise I (along with several others) won! 

The top arrived today along with a card saying congratulations. I love the slogan “Just Here For The Savasana”. The top is really low at the sides so I need to experiment with bras to wear with it. 
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