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Pilates Teaching Training

As part of my plan to teach more I decided to do pilates teacher training this year. There was a BASI pilates course in Edinburgh and at first I wasn’t going to do it but the timing worked for me and the more I looked at it the better an option it seemed to be for me.

BASI Pilates is a great mat based training course and allows you to add the equipment onto your qualification if you want to at a later date. It sounded like it wasn’t too intensive but it’s still a lot of work.

There are two training weekends of two long days with hour long classes each day along with practising poses during the day. There are over 80 poses to learn and each is a different level and body focus.

To qualify you require to,

  • attend the four days training
  • observe 10 hours of teaching
  • teach 30 hours of pilates
  • do 40 hours of pilates classes
  • pass two multiple choice exams
  • teach a 30 minute observed class
  • correctly demonstrate 4 randomly chosen poses out of the 80 in the syllabus.

Yes for me the last is the most difficult. Also the fitting in doing 40 hours of other peoples classes while working and teaching is a bit of a challenge.

I’m hoping to do my exam in August but it’s a bit soon and a bit scary to have to know everything ahead of that. In general it’s a great qualification to have and I think it’s widely recognised as being a good certification so I expect to be able to teach in gyms and other studios if I need to.

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YTT module 3 

I always try to write how I feel or how I think truthfully however it’s difficult when you think the people involved might read it. 

Module three of yoga teacher training was last weekend. It was four days this time and early starts with practice starting at 8am. On a frosty Sunday morning it was particularly hard. 

This module was also covering therapeutic yoga and some more Yang poses. We also covered the ayurvedic dosha system in this module. 

In my opinion we spend far too much time discussing doshas and different personality types. Not really how the personality types relate to teaching yoga but just the types and experience in general life of dealing with those type of people. 

We did cover some of the Yang poses and sequences but some were moved to module 4 so we won’t cover them till February. 
I’m teaching my first yin Yang class this week but I’m not that confident in it. I’m sure it’ll be fine and the class are lovely but I’m concerned and don’t feel as prepared as I would like to be. 

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