Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Reusi Dat Ton Workshop

Reusi Dat Ton is also known as Thai Yoga. It’s not that well known and certainly a lots less known than most yoga styles.

Two weeks ago I went to a workshop run by Clara Pelica at Neal Yard in Edinburgh. It was really great and I can’t wait for the next one. Clara ran through the origins of Reusi Dat Ton, which was created for the Thai monks and hermits for when they’d been meditating for days at a time. The moves are mainly small and focus on various trigger points across the body.

We covered 15 different moves in the workshop and got given a workbook with them all in. Some are quite similar to yoga poses or adaptations of poses that I’ve done in classes before. The breath however is very different. You move on a inhale, reach final position, hold your breath then come out on an exhale. It takes a while to get used to it but I quite like it.

I’ve only managed to do a few of the exercises since the workshop as the kitchen is finally being finished and as a result my kitchen is currently all in my livingroom. I’ll report back once I’ve done more self practice but this is certainly something that I can see me doing more of.

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Walking meditation 

We spent yesterday afternoon at Wat Pho, the temple of the reclining Buddha. It’s a beautiful place for many reasons and much calmer than other tourist places that I’d been to over the past few day. 

At the reverse of the statue there is a lovely opportunity for a movement meditation in the middle of the chaos that is central Bangkok. 

There are 108 bowls along the wall and for a donation you get a small tub with 108 coins in it. 

I took a step between putting each coin in the bowl and focused on my breath, counting the number I had done, and ignoring the rest of the people around me. 

There were two young boys ahead of us who weren’t going that fast with the help of their mother and I wasn’t in a rush. I had to mange my ego and temper when a lady came behind me and then actually walked into me repeatedly to try to make me go faster. She then overtook me but it annoyed me. I managed to clear it from my mind and focus on the second half of the coins and bowls. 

I really enjoyed it and I haven’t done enough moving meditation recently. It’s something that I’ll be trying again. 

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