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Q3 Aims and Goals Update

This should have been written at the end of September so I’m a little late but here’s my Q3 and a bit aims update.

40 minutes of home practice per week. Either in one session or two 20 minutes videos.

I’m really not in the habit of personal practice at the moment. I’m aiming on working on my fitness and health over the next few months. I really need to get back on track and get myself back in some form of shape.

Monthly attendance at yoga class or workshop.

I managed a class in July, two yoga classes in August and several in September. October also was a bit of a bumper month with three classes and a workshop.

Monthly blog posts

I’m not quite there with this but am working on getting back in the habit and I also have a few posts to type up and get out of my head.

Run quarterly workshops.

I held two eye pillow workshops in Q3 and are in the middle of fixing a date for another in Q4.

Completed goals

Complete restorative yoga teacher training

Complete current stage of professional exams.

Yoga Studio to continue to break even.

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Lemon Water

So having seen a dozen or more articles and posts about lemon water I thought I’d give it a go. The premise is easy, drink a glass of hot water with lemon added when you wake up. I tend to cheat and add lemon juice as I have it in my fridge and it’s less hassle than cutting up lemon and squeezing it.


It’s quite a pleasant drink to enjoy. Refreshing, not heavy and easy to make. It doesn’t quite have the same effect as a cup of tea or coffee but it’s an extra cup of re-hydration first thing in the morning.

The science behind lemon water isn’t that great. It basically seems to revolve around the fact that lemon juice is good for you and water is good for you. Therefor adding lemon juice to water should be extra good for you. It won’t do you any harm, drinking more water is always a good thing, lemon juice is a good low sugar fruit juice and a good source of vitamin c and if it replaces a cup of coffee then great.

I’m going to continue to add it to my morning routine and it’s quite nice particularly as it’s so cold currently to have as an alternative to a glass of water. I certainly find it much less of a faff than herbal tea and way less time too as you don’t need to wait for the teabag to defuse.

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