Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Considering Mysore

I’m enjoying doing more yoga and getting back into doing classes on a more regular basis after what felt like a few weeks of not doing much. One of my friends has started doing Mysore classes three mornings a week last month and is really enjoying them. I saw her on Friday and she asked why I didn’t do Mysore classes.

It’s not something that I’d considered properly before. I guess I do the ashatanga primary series, or at least part of it, at least twice a week. Plus I find that at the weekend when I do yoga in the morning it sets me up for the day. I would love to do yoga every day and this would give me a structured way of doing it. However I also really enjoy the non-ashatanga classes that I do and having a variety of styles and teachers. I’m not sure if I would continue to do this is I was doing ashatanga at least three days a week. Humm, lots to think about. I’m heading on holiday is four weeks time so maybe I should consider it for when I come back.

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Running and Triathlon

Last week I posted my SFN 90 day challenge goals and one of them was to run twice a week with the aim of being able to run a 5km Park Run by the end of August. I’ve been doing well with this and have started using an app called Run Double to help with this. My problem with running is that I can run for about 5 minutes at a reasonably fast pace and then I’m dead. The app helps with this in that at the stage I’m currently at you run for 90 seconds then brisk walk for 60 seconds repeated several times. It meant that on Sunday I managed to run just over two miles along Portobello promenade before doing an hour of training including doing handstand training. It helped that I had a friend come running with me so we talked while walking and I didn’t stop running before the app told me. The main reason that I’ve started running is to increase the amount of cardio that I do. I generally am active but I don’t feel that I do enough pure cardio.

Back to my goal of being able to run 5km by the end of August, I may have slightly upped the goal a bit. I have signed up for an Urban Triathlon at the beginning of July. It’s a yoga, run, spin triathlon rather than the traditional swim, cycle, run triathlon. It’s organised by Sweaty Betty, Meadowlark and Lifecycle. The only issue that I have is that when Lifecycle first posted on Facebook about it they mentioned a 5km run. It’s now been formally advertised and it’s a 5 mile run. I can just about run 5km now (as I showed on Sunday) and with some training I’m certain that I can. However a 5 mile run is quite a bit further, 3km further. It’s going to take some more serious running than I have been doing and I won’t be able to miss any runs. I’ve signed up because I think I may just about be able to do it but it’s going to be a huge challenge and I might die at the end of it. On the plus side it’s on a Saturday so I can spend the Sunday recovering.

I also found it greatly amusing that I asked a friend if she wanted to sign up to do it with me and her response was that she wasn’t sure if she’d be ok doing an ashtanga yoga class but the running and cycling would be ok. I’m completely the opposite, give me a yoga class, even a hot yoga class and I’m ok, running and cycling are the bit that are a challenge. Still we’ll see how my training goes.


Injury and Resting

For those who follow my Instagram, you’ll have seen that I got injured last week. On Wednesday night I did quite an intensive aerial training session as the space was only available for 45 minutes. I then moved onto going some yoga and stretching. My wrist was a little sore but not too bad until I tried to get into wheel, or back bends. The pad of my right hand had shooting pains down it whenever I tried to push up. I ended up doing a couple of attempts holding onto someone’s ankle but it still hurt. In the end I didn’t really do any handstands as it was quite tender. I thought I’d just over trained and that it’d be fine the next morning.

On Thursday morning if anything it was worst. I strapped it up and missed my usual Thursday evening class to rest it more. It had eased off a bit on Friday and by Saturday it probably would have been ok to go to class but I decided to take an extra day to rest and make sure it was fully recovered.

On Sunday I went down to do some aerial yoga and it wasn’t too sore. Today I’m skipping my usual yoga class as I’m going to a play so I’m hoping that by Thursday it’ll be fully better and ready to go.

I’m not very good at being injured and not being able to be active. I even considered going for a run on Friday and I hate running. Here’s to getting better quickly.

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Two weeks of progress

I realised today that I haven’t posted a ‘progress report’ for two weeks although I’ve posted lots of other posts about yoga classes that I’ve been to and other yoga things. It’s really difficult to remember what I’ve done as I’ve been to a lot of classes, am firming up my home practice and starting to feel more in a routine.

I have been continuing to do classes at Sweaty Betty, they are now taught by Karen who spent the start of this year studying in India. She’s a great teacher and the founder of Meadowlark Studio. We’re working our way through the Ashitanga Primary Series and I’m really enjoying this class. It’s good to have a set sequence of things that are done each week and I feel like I’m making progress on this.


Last weekend, I went to Vinyasa Vino and tried Hot yoga along with going to a Handstand Masterclass. After a lovely walking tour with a friend on Sunday I was intending to do a yoga video but decided to have a chilled evening instead.

I feel that I’m making progress, getting stronger and being more sure that I’m doing the poses correctly.

In terms of my Balance challenge I’m making progress but still need to stop my ribs from popping up and push up with my arms more to get my shoulders more open.

I’m away this weekend and will be doing lots of handstands and other conditioning over the three days. I’m going to try to do some yoga stretching as well certainly on Sunday night when I’m staying overnight after the convention before heading back on Monday.

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I didn’t make yoga last night or do any over the weekend but I’m not beating myself up about it. I’m currently full of the cold and took Monday off work to sleep and rest.

My aim for tonight is to do some gentle stretching and maybe try and do a video on Friday. I’m being kind to my body and giving it time to rest and recover so I don’t end up being run down and ill for longer.

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Dealing with failure

After feeling really positive about doing classes and videos and completing an online video on Sunday and a class on Tuesday, I got a bit down and didn’t do anything else for the rest of the week.

On Wednesday I sat on the sofa and felt sorry for myself, cried a bit and didn’t have the energy to get up and do the 45 minute video that I had planned. I’ve been struggling a bit this past week and on Thursday I reached out and asked my friends for additional help and support. I have been getting lots of texts, Facebook messages, offers of places to stay if I want to come visit. I decided that on Saturday morning my body needed a sleep in and a relaxing morning rather than getting up and going to a yoga class. I still intended to do a video later but didn’t get round to it. On Saturday evening people came round and it was lovely and it helped me feel more settled in my old/new home.

As you can see not a very productive week with two yoga sessions rather than the four that I had planned. I’m trying to be positive and think that I managed 50% of what I set out to do but it still feels like a failure.

On Sunday night I got back from being out all day and decided that I was going to do a video and it didn’t matter if it wasn’t the full 45 minute one that I’d planned for earlier in the week I was going to try and do something anyhow. So after a look online at the different options I did a 30 minute Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow video from Yoga by Candace. It was a little different from the others that I’d done but was good to stretch. The last section of the video involved a wide straddle, which I find quite difficult but I managed to modify things so I could still do it.

My aims for the coming week, go to a yoga class tomorrow (with a friend), do a 20 minute video on Wednesday, either do a 30 minute video or go to class on Saturday.

I’m also going to try and do one of the 15 minute morning videos but I don’t know which day and if I don’t get it done then it doesn’t matter.


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First Practice of 2015

My first practice of 2015 took until the 18th January to actually happen so not the best start but a start.

I tried to go to a class on the 13th but after a visit to the dentist that morning, I could barely drink water without being in pain so gave class a miss to eat painkillers and feel sorry for myself. On Saturday morning I was all ready to go to Lululemon’s free morning class, I got up, drank tea, walked part way down the road, got on a bus as the pavements were so icy, and arrived 10 minutes before class to find that it was full of everyone else who’d decided that January was a good time to get up and go to 10am yoga classes. I ended up with a hour and half to kill in town so went for coffee and a muffin instead.

Last night after getting home from a day of teaching and feeling stiff and sore I needed to stretch and relax my muscles before going to bed. I got my mat out, put PJ bottoms on (I couldn’t be bothered to put leggings on and it’s too cold currently to practice in just underwear) and put a Yoga by Candace video on my ipad. I went for a half hour video with a relaxing theme that I’d done before. It’s a really nice video and at the end I was ready to climb into bed and ready for a bit before sleeping really well.

Aim for this week, to go to class tomorrow (Tuesday) and Saturday, and do another video on Wednesday night.

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