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My yoga journey

Yoga Retreat as a Yoga Teacher

This time in Omassim I wan’t a yoga practitioner, a going to start YTT or a just qualified YTT like I had been before. I was a yoga teacher with her regular classes, additional training and a fair bit of experience teaching.

It was a bit different from going as a non-teacher. Although I have always made adjustments to suggested poses but I no longer got questioned about my adjustments. I made the same adjustments pre-teaching as I know my body and my injuries and know that full deep squats held for more than one breath are not for me.

I know that one of the teachers was a little nervous at having me in classes, she didn’t have that much experience of teaching yin and it’s my specialism. It was fine, her classes weren’t pure yin and there are things I would have changed but it still was a nice stretch and gave me ideas for some different transitions that I hadn’t tried before.

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Outdoor Yoga

A few weeks ago was a rare beautiful Scottish Summer day. It was warm, clear and I was teaching a yoga class. It was forecast to be 21 degrees at 8pm so I took the decision to move the class outside.

It was a bit odd in that I am used to teaching with props and extra props within easy reach. I couldn’t physically carry all the bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps and mats that I’d like the 10 minute walk to the park. Instead I had to decide to just bring straps, mats and blankets.

It worked out wonderfully. It was warm enough in the sun to be comfortable with a lovely gentle breeze. I’d picked a spot not too far from the road/path so it was easy to get to but it was next to some trees so quite and didn’t have anyone go past.

I’d love to do outdoor classes more often but the weather doesn’t always agree with me.

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Yin Yoga at Tribe Yoga Edinburgh

Tribe Yoga is a new studio that opened in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and I went to my first class here last week. It’s a really nice studio that has been well designed and has gone for quality. It’s still being finished so there are a few bits that are in progress like a washing machine was sitting in the corridor but I’m sure these will be finished soon


The reception has a shop selling Lululemon clothes and yoga equipment, along with juices and water. There isn’t a communal changing room but individual shower cubical and a space with hair dryers and well light mirrors so if you were heading to work after a class then there is room to shower and get ready. In the corridor next to the two studios there are lockers with electronic combination locks. The only problem with them is that there aren’t numbers or another way of easily remembering which locker you put your belongings in. The class before mine came out and I think at least two people had to get the teacher to unlock lockers until they found their stuff.


The class I did was in the main studio and it’s a really nice space with star lighting heat panels on the ceiling. The heat panels were only on low for my class but I’m sure for a hot yoga class they’d be really good.

The class that I took was a Yin Yoga class taught by Dawn from Rise of Dawn Yoga. It was my first class back after hurting myself so I was a little apprehensive about it hurting but it was fine and I didn’t feel any pain while in positions. It was a really nice chilled out class that was quite full and had a mix of people and abilities.

They have several teachers on the schedule that I’ve done other classes with and all of whom are excellent. It’s a nice space with good teachers so I’ll certainly be back to try another class. It’s a shame that currently the only Yin class is on Thursday, which I have another class which starts back this week.

After class I chatted to Dawn, who I’ve discovered is spending this week in Eretria at Omassim teaching yoga as she knows the owners. It’s the same place that I was at for my yoga retreat in July, it really is a small world and I’m very jealous of her being in the sunshine eating good food while it’s raining here in Edinburgh.

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